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Class Action Lawsuits

As an insurance defense attorney, principal attorney Jeff McCarthy successfully mitigated financial liability for large companies. At McCarthy and Associates, we use that same first-hand experience to file class action lawsuits to hold liable parties responsible for our clients’ injuries.

Do you belong to a group with similar injuries caused by the same product or action? Contact us to schedule a free consultation with a skilled class action lawsuit attorney. We’ll discuss the details of your injuries and the potential legal steps you may take to receive fair compensation for your injuries. Call us today at (781) 300-8304.

Filing A Class Action Lawsuit in Texas

A class action lawsuit is filed against a liable person or entity by a group of people sharing similar injuries caused by the same product or action. Group sizes vary. The minimum number of plaintiffs in a class is usually around 30, but a class could have members totaling in the thousands.

Shared injuries sustained by the class members may be physical in nature, but not always. Class action lawsuits may be the result of

  • Consumer fraud
  • Corporate misconduct
  • Defective products
  • Employment practices
  • Medical Devices
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Securities fraud
  • Other harmful commodities or activities

With class action lawsuits, it is not uncommon for the injuries sustained by one individual to not be worth pursuing with individual litigation. Still, as a class, the collective damages may be considerable.

Class action suits are more cost-effective than bringing multiple individual claims. When filing a class action lawsuit, the cost of representing multiple parties is consolidated into representing one large entity. There are no upfront costs for filing the suit. Instead, if the class action lawsuit firm representing the plaintiffs reaches a positive outcome, they are paid a portion of the awarded damages.

As part of the class action lawsuit procedure, the class representative and their attorney(s) are responsible for reasonably attempting to notify unknown class members of the legal action being taken. This notification may come in the form of

  • Television PSA
  • Magazine or newspaper advertisement
  • Posted flyer
  • Billboard
  • Other media notice

This process allows others who may be affected by the same product or action to opt into the class.

Since the class is considered a single entity, whatever the outcome, it applies to every class member. If the defendant wins, each class member is barred from bringing subsequent litigation to the defendant for the same injury.

However, if the class wins, each injured party receives a portion of the awarded damages. It is common for those who have suffered more severely to be awarded more substantial sums than those with minor injuries. When class action damages are awarded to the plaintiffs, the judge helps the parties develop a distribution plan to reach each class member.

Class Action Lawsuit Claim Attorney

At McCarthy and Associates, we have extensive experience bringing class action lawsuits. Our skilled legal team is committed to fighting to get you the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Don’t wait. Contact us to discuss your class action interests with a qualified class action lawsuit attorney.

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